The Big Yellow Box

Teaching children to care about the needs of others

Book Cover: The Big Yellow Box
Part of the Childrens Books series:

In this bedtime tale, one little girl with too many toys is given a big yellow box to store her toys. Despite the help from the big yellow box she still has too many toys and can't play in her room. Then the little girl discovers the gift of giving, and her life and the lives of others start to get a little better. All thanks to a big yellow box and a girl with a big caring heart. The Big Yellow Box teaches children to care about the needs of others and shows how good things can happen when we give.


"Surprise, Mom! It's finished!" the little girl yells.

"Aaaah!" Mom screams, "It's humongous! It will never fit in our house."

"Sure it will. I measured it," Dad groans as he squeezes it through the door.

The yellow box fills most of the little girl's room, but it's perfect for holding all her toys.

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