Can God Make A Rock So Big He Can’t Move It?

The short answer: No.

This is not an “unstoppable force versus immovable object” paradox. In fact the answer has little to do with God’s ability to create large objects, because he can create any size object he wants, or his ability to move them, since it takes much more energy to create something that to move it. God could certainly move anything he could create. The weakness of this question is, ironically, the object that is a symbol of strength, hardness, endurance, and immovability: the rock.

Although rocks seem virtually indestructible on the human scale, on God’s scale they are very plastic and short lived. A rock much bigger than the sun would collapse from its own gravity to become a neutron star. Therefore it would no longer be a rock. God could easily make a rock much larger than than the sun, and he could easily move it. But it would, on its own, no longer remain a rock.

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How time actually works

Countless attempts have been made to explain time by describing the many aspects of it, or how we perceive it, or how we measure it. To date, I don’t know of anyone else who has actually defined time. Time is the delay caused by velocity through space less than the speed of light. Or it may be accurate to say time is the delay caused by not traveling through space at the speed of light, since time would be fastest at zero velocity.

Time is not the consequence of motion, but the lack of enough motion. Since space and time are so intimately connected, we first need to define space.

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