Forgive and Forget?

by Daniel Kunau

Book Cover: Forgive and Forget?
Editions:PDF - Student Edition
Size: 8x11 in
Pages: 10

“How can God know everything, yet forget our sins?”

Published: April 30, 2016
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For 10 years I worked with Children’s Church at a church located in southern Colorado. I say worked with, instead of taught, because I’m sure they taught me more than I ever taught them. Kids are incredibly honest, and you can learn a lot if you listen to what they are really saying. One day a little boy announced to the class, “Dad’s the boss at our house ‘cause Mom said so, and what Mom says, goes!” I truly experienced the depth of their honesty when I overheard a little girl talking to her best friend. She said, “What hurts me more than when Mommy spanks me, is when Mommy spanks Daddy.”


My heart would ache for those kids. Even in our small church there were several four and five years olds who were the acting adults in their family. These kids would help their younger or even older siblings get ready, and sometimes help keep them in line. For some of those kids, things that are considered child abuse, they considered normal. I wondered how those little kids could go through a day, much less through life, with such heavy burdens. Maybe God dishes out grace the same way the lunch ladies did when I was in school...


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